At BPBH, we believe in interconnectedness and as such, strongly feel that consistency and collaboration among all those involved in a child’s life is critical. Because a child typically spends as much time in the school environment as he or she does in the home or with family, it is often helpful to collaborate with relevant school staff, especially when concerns are evident in this setting as well. Additionally, depending on the type of school your child attends and the specific needs he or she has, he or she may be eligible for special services or supports in the school setting. We have extensive knowledge of legislation and policies that dictate how services or accommodations may be provided and our history of experience with the public school systems in the Duval, Saint Johns, and Clay counties is invaluable when helping parents to navigate school related concerns.

School related services may include any of the following:

  • Classroom/student observation
  • Teacher/school staff consultation and training
  • Elaboration and clarity of school evaluations or documents
  • Explanation of student rights and state laws or policies that might impact your child
  • Problem-solving regarding school placement
  • Attendance and advocacy at special school team meetings (e.g., Individualized Education Plans [IEP], 504 plans, Response to Intervention [RtI] services, etc.)
  • Other needs you may have related to your child’s education

Please know that insurance may not reimburse for all of the services listed above.