What insurance do you take?

We are currently considered ‘in network’ for the following insurance providers:

What if you do not accept my insurance?

Clients may opt to be ‘self pay’ and pay ‘out of pocket’ for services at a reduced rate.  Clients that choose this option can be provided with a ‘superbill’ for each service that they may submit to their insurance company to seek out possible reimbursement or payments applied to any ‘out of network’ deductible that they may have; however, it is not guaranteed that your insurance will reimburse you for any of your costs.  Additionally, if you have the McKay Scholarship or PLSA/'Step Up for Students' Scholarship, these funds may be able to be used to pay for all or portions of your costs.  In some circumstances, a payment plan may be arranged; however this will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Do you accept McKay Scholarship or PLSA/'Step Up for Student' funds?

Unfortunately, we are not an approved provider for the McKay Scholarship.  However, if you are using your McKay Scholarship funds through another agency or school and have an excess of funds that you wish to apply towards the cost of your services, we are able to submit invoices to this agency or school for reimbursement, if the agency or school permits.  If you are interested in applying portions of your scholarship funds to your services at Beacon, please ask the agency or school that is currently receiving your child's McKay Scholarship funds if this is an option for you!

We are an approved provider for the PLSA/'Step Up for Students' scholarship.  If you wish to use these funds to pay for all or a portion of your services, please let us know!  We do not submit invoices directly to the scholarship for reimbursement.  We will bill your insurance first (if you are using a third party payor), and upon receipt of the remittance from your insurance, we will provide you with an invoice for any remaining amount due. Or, if you are not using insurance, following the service provided, you will be given an invoice outlining the payment due.  You are responsible for submitting the invoices via the PLSA/'Step Up for Students' web-portal and paying your balance due to Beacon Pediatric Behavioral Health within 30 days of the date of your invoice.

How much do your services cost?


Every insurance plan is different.  Most plans cover only specific diagnoses and billable procedural (CPT) codes, and all insurances require that any service provided must be deemed as 'medically necessary'. We encourage you to contact your insurance company prior to beginning services to ensure that the services you are seeking will be covered.  For your reference, common procedural (CPT) codes for psychological services can be found here and common procedural (CPT) codes for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can be found here.  

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO UNDERSTAND THE DETAILS OF YOUR COVERAGE AND ITS LIMITATIONS.  You are responsible for any payment owed after insurance has processed your claims.

For a helpful explanation of various health insurance terms, click here.

What does my insurance cover?