Beacon Pediatric Behavioral Health provides a variety of services to children, teenagers, and their families. We are committed to making a positive difference in your life and consider the work that we do with our clients as a collaborative effort.


Therapy (Individual, Family, Group)
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy
School Related Services (Consultation/Advocacy)


While we are dedicated to helping improve your areas of concern, we cannot provide a guarantee or warranty of success. As with any activity, there are both benefits and risks to the services that we provide. The risks, while few in number, should be considered when deciding what services you wish to pursue. Risks of therapy may include the experience of mild discomfort or unpleasant feelings when discussing sensitive details about your concerns and details about your personal or family life; however, please know that the role of the therapist is to be nonjudgmental and understanding. Additionally, even with positive change, stress may occur, as change in one area of life often impacts other related areas, and it may take time for you, your child, and others in your lives to adjust to any differences. Finally, it is important to note that with behavior modification, children sometimes exhibit something called an “extinction burst”. Essentially, when behavior modification strategies are implemented and an individual is no longer being reinforced for a behavior that they may have received reinforcement for in the past, behaviors may temporarily escalate in an attempt to regain access to past reinforces. With consistency in strategy implementation and problem solving between you and your child’s therapist, the extent of an extinction burst may be reduced or potentially altogether avoided. Despite the few possible risks associated with the services provided at BPBH, multiple benefits are available. Some clients appreciate the experience of simply being heard and understood, while others may experience the benefit of improved behavior of their child and functioning of the family, or more effective services and support from their child’s school and other caregivers. The benefits obtained from BPBH services, however, depend on how well you use the process of therapy or the information you learn and put into practice the recommendations and strategies that are introduced. We hope that you find the services at BPBH to be a valuable experience for you; however, we always value feedback from our clients and request that you speak with us any time you have questions or concerns.