FAQ: New Client Inquiries

Why do I need to complete the online inquiry form?

By completing the online inquiry form in its entirety, we will have all of the basic information required to ensure that you are scheduled for the appropriate service and the provider that can best meet your needs.  The details you provide also allow us to determine if preauthorization might be needed or look into other necessary details related to insurance coverage, if relevant.

Dependent upon the day of your submission in relation to the timing of the next administrative meeting, please expect a reply from the intake coordinator within 2 to 5 business days.  For your convenience, the intake coordinator will respond VIA EMAIL, unless you specifically decline consent for email correspondence and will also follow up with A PHONE CALL to ensure the email  is received.  Please check your spam box if you do not receive an email within this time frame; please also be sure to check your voicemail regularly and ensure that your voicemail box is not full.

Please be aware that submission of a new client inquiry form does not ensure that a new client intake opening is available.  Although we desire to help as many clients as possible, unfortunately, therapist schedules are often full, especially in regards to mental health therapy.  If you feel that you cannot wait the 2-5 business days and/or are concerned that we may not have any openings to serve you at this time, we encourage you to contact other providers simultaneously as you await a response from our intake coordinator.  You  should never wait for services for any reason if you feel that your child is in need of more immediate help.

When will I be scheduled for my new client intake?

Why does it take this amount of time to find out about intake openings?

We understand that when clients contact our agency, they are often experiencing significant need and hope to obtain services as soon as possible!  We truly wish that we could help every client that contacts us and that we could help them right away!  

Please understand that the Executive Director and Assistant Director personally review each new client inquiry to better understand your clinical needs and to match your case with the most appropriate provider.  Administrative meetings occur twice a week to allow for new client case reviews and assignments. Dependent upon the day of your submission in relation to the timing of the next administrative meeting, the response time to your inquiry may vary.

Such in depth review of new client inquiries is necessary for several reasons:

  • Some therapists are often full and unable to take on new clients; however, caseload openings can sometimes change within a  matter of days.  Therefore it is important to review your clinical needs in conjunction with therapist schedules to see whom may be available that can best meet your needs.
  • Because we provide a variety of services (e.g., mental health therapy, ABA therapy, psychological testing, etc.), we must take into account the  type of service that an individual is seeking to determine if the appropriate type of provider is available.  Sometimes intake forms are unclear as to the type of service one is seeking, therefore we must review the intake forms to determine needs and/or seek out additonal information. 
  • Unfortunately, health insurance has many specific rules that dictate who can see which clients.  Health insurance generally does not credential agencies for behavioral health services; rather individual providers themselves are typically approved as in network.  With that said, there are occasionally exceptions to this rule, especially when it comes to ABA therapy and psychological testing.  As you can imagine, this complicates the intake process immensely!  For instance, a therapist may have openings for one type of insurance but not others if he/she is only in network for some insurance plans but not others!  Or, an ABA therapist may be in network for several insurance plans and have openings for new clients, yet the psychologist that is in network for the same plans does not have any new client openings for behavioral health therapy!  Or, say a psychologist that is in network for your plan is not accepting new patients for therapy and counseling, but is open for a new client for psychological testing, due to the nature of how such services are conducted and the typical timeline of evaluation procedures.

We try to move the intake process along as quickly as possible, but unfortunately, the complexity of services that we provide, the types of providers we have on staff, and the insurance rules make it so that we really need to look more in depth at the incoming new client inquiries to determine if client needs and therapist availability is a match across all these various domains!

What do I do if I have not heard back within the anticipated time-frame?

It should rarely take more than 2-5 days to get a response; however, there are occasionally unforeseen obstacles that may hinder our ability to connect with you!  If you do not hear from the intake coordinator within 2-5 business days since your online submission, we certainly apologize and encourage you to follow these steps:

  • Ensure that your form was submitted - a screen will pop up informing you of the successful submission; if you did not see this screen, it is likely that your form may not have been submitted successfully!  You may wish to complete and submit a second time just in case - please feel free to mention the potential glitch and indicate that this is your second submission!
  • Check your spam to ensure nothing inadvertently was sent to your junk box.  Emails may be sent from Messages.Beacon@gmail.com or Info@Beaconpediatric.com.
  • Check your voicemails to ensure that you have not missed a message from our intake coordinator.  Please ensure that your voicemail box is not full, as the intake coordinator will not be able to leave you with potentially important information if it is full, and you will not be aware of our attempt to contact you!
  • PLEASE EMAIL INFO@BEACONPEDIATRIC.COM TO FOLLOW UP at ANY TIME during the intake inquiry process;because we do not have a full time receptionist on site, you are most likely to get the quickest reply via email! You are welcome to contact us via phone at any time as well; however, please understand that the primary number is NOT a live monitored line, thus a receptionist will not always be available to take your call.  If no one is available to answer, it is important that you leave a detailed message, including preferred call back times; it may be helpful to leave your email address as well to ensure the quickest response possible through another mode of communication!